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Brand Identity Design


Based on the 1976 Oscar-winning best picture, Network is a Broadway play set in a dystopian 1970s and stars Bryan Cranston as Howard Beale, an anchorman whose mental deterioration on live TV causes the show’s ratings to soar.

This rebranding project focuses on creating a web experience to promote the production and give a taste of what the show is about. The site uses visual elements such as glitch, grain, dot, and blur, to showcase the mental instability of the characters as well as the technical uniqueness of the show.

  • The web experience is divided into distinct sections including performance dates, ticket prices, and details about the show and cast. The site is fully responsive and adapts the content layout to give the user the same experience no matter what device they are using.

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  • Posters

    The elements of the identity are reformatted into static form to be used as a poster campaign. The posters are able to function individually, but also work in series to create a single composition when adjacent.

Other Media

The posters are adapted for use on collateral such as Playbills, marquees, tickets, and in large format displays like those commonly seen in Times Square and around the Theater District.

  • RISE Urban_Poster_Mockup
  • RISE Urban_Poster_Mockup
  • RISE Urban_Poster_Mockup RISE Urban_Poster_Mockup