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Brand Identity Design


RISE is a student organization at Drexel University which holds an annual dance marathon to raise funds for families of children at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The goals of this project included creating a name for the organization which reflected the uplifting and energetic spirit of the event, developing a unique and expandable visual identity which promoted the event and organization, and to create a promotional website advertising the event and organization.

The visual system uses the interaction of figures and logos with ink to promote the freedom, excitement, and purpose of the event. With bright, vibrant colors, the monochromatic posters pop individually and work in tandem to show the coming together of different people.


All imagery for this project is completely original: Droplets of ink were shot into a small tank of water triggering a camera shutter that captured roughly 50 photos. In the end, 8,000 photos of ink were taken for just six to be chosen. The models were positioned to complement the shape of these ink drops in unique jumping poses. The figures and droplets were combined in photoshop with the typography to create the final posters.

  • RISE Urban_Poster_Mockup
  • RISE Urban_Poster_Mockup

Supporting Posters

Secondary posters are used in supporting the primary ones. These posters follow the same vibrant color scheme and use the interaction of ink droplets with the RISE logo, as opposed to a figure. These posters provide no information about the event but are used on different collateral such as water bottles, t-shirts, and banners.

RISE Header


The website provides information about the event including how the donated money is distributed, how the event is structured, and other ways one can support the cause. The same visual elements are brought to the site to act as content breakpoints while using a monochrome blue color scheme.

  • Rise mobile site
  • screencapture