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Though luxury products are not at the forefront of Timberland’s product line, over the last several years an increasing number of high priced items have been added to the company's collection. This concept develops a new visual language for these luxury Timberland products and translates this language onto gift packaging and a bespoke website.

The identity revolves around two main components: the figures and the platform. The figures are represented by different scenes of outdoor activity - the core of the Timberland brand values, which are scattered through the design.

The platforms are the lines on which these figures rest and are created as an expansion of the Timberland tree logo. Like a tree, the platforms create a web of branches connecting the activities and bringing the scenes into a single composition.

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  • Timberland boxes together

    The shape of the large box is designed in the same vein as the figures - as a geometric abstraction of a Timberland boot. Consequently, this unique shape allows the smaller box to sit flush on top which secures both boxes in the bag and further protects their contents. When sitting flush, the design can cross from one package to another to create a seamless composition.

  • Website

    The site is a platform for visitors to learn about superior features of Luxe products such as customizability and high quality. Imagery from the packaging is brought to life through GSAP animations and parallax scrolling. The site is fully responsive to be used at all screen sizes.

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