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Exhibit Design

We Want
A We

“We Want A We” is a dance performance and exhibit by 2020 Rankin Scholar Brendan Fernandes. The large-scale graphics throughout the gallery space were designed and installed by a classmate and myself in coordination with several departments at Drexel University.

The exhibit was open from January 15th - March 15th, 2020 with live dance performances every Friday as well as opening and closing performances.

  • Mark Stockton

The walls behind the windows pivot, allowing dancers to interact with the graphics and transform the design and the gallery space as a whole. Painted striped text on the windows is mirrored on the abaft wall creating an optical illusion when the walls are moving. During the day, natural light shines through the painted text and reflects off the neon walls creating a vibrant color cast throughout the space.

  • Mark Stockton

The Final

During the final performance the dancers used their bodies and buckets of water to progressively wipe away at the window paint. The effect was a blend of colors smeared across the windows with puddles of colored water collecting on the floor.

  • Final Dance Performence 1
    Mark Stockton
  • Final Dance Performence 2
    Mark Stockton
  • Final Dance Performence 3
    Mark Stockton